About Us

Every event, every gathering serves for the purpose of sharing emotions and joy amongst our loved ones.
Some are done occasionally and some annually and others, once a lifetime!.
It’s a compulsion to bring out the best of best of ways to celebrate these special occasions. That is where we come into help!

Those who are unfamiliar with the ways and workings of the events, we will be your guiding lamp from the beginning till the end, holding your hand and standing beside you, navigating you in every step you tread to celebrate the event.

The Company’s Mantra is to give customers memories that they would reminisce for their lifetime. We have been abiding to this rule since our very first event

SAMBHRAMAA – is a conglomerate in the event conducting industry emphasizing it’s efforts in conducting Brahmin events from its inception three years ago. Various rituals such as Wedding, Bramhopadesha, Engagement, 60,70 Years Shanthis have been successfully organized and conducted by our organization.

We season your events with elite of flavors and garnish it in the most creative of ways. Some being purely orthodox and traditional and the other end being highly western. We offer you services in these diversified needs with a wide range of packages and prices to meet your expectations.

For the non-residents who desire to host events in Bangalore. We assure you to take care your needs from your arrival to departure.